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**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

Yahoo Review   8-11-2011 (5) Star Review

" EXCELLENT COMPANY!!. Well, we tried some of the rest, but we didn't know this company was the best!!. We hired them yesterday for blasting several driveways in a new construction development project. James came out and really gave us a show!! One of his rigs is a little old but don't let that fool ya!. In the past, we tried American Sandblasting, GS Sandblasting, Golden State Sandblasting, and Peninsula Sandblasting, and those guys gave us nothing but problems with dust clouds, changing prices, wanting verbal contracts, sloppy work, clean-up, cigarette smoking, foul/profane language, uneven textures, etc. A South Bay Sandblasting came out and gave us a real show!! James did it the way it should be. No complaints, great price, everything in writing, no smoking, very clean afterwards, and I'm sure we'll be hiring them again. We also saw them on Yelp a couple days ago and liked what we read there. Would recommend A South Bay to anyone needing some blasting done."   Bo K. 

**A South Bay Sandblasting Yelp Five Star Review 10/4/2015      

"I have never hired a sandblaster before but  this company with a cool website filled with great reviews and pics was  my choice of contractor for some work on my property.

Excellent  quality work on my rear patio and red brick front walls. He stripped  all the paint completely off after the coatings were tested for lead  content by another company.

Completely dust free work and very  clean afterwards, I could hardly tell there was sandblasting done there  even though this company used about five hundred pounds or so of  materials. Very clean after.

Good quality company that obviously  actually takes pride in their work. I see very few companies that  actually do quality work and take pride in selling a high quality job  nowadays.

Got the job done fast and the price was right. Two  hours after the job was completed, my neighbor wanted the phone number  for this guy to do some work for her. Pleasant guy to do business with.

My pleasure giving five stars" Nicaleto K.

** A South Bay Sandblasting Five Star Review Yelp 5/17/2016      

I messaged A South Bay Sandblasting on  their website (as recommended) and they responded quickly to my message.   They were able to come out, assess the site (approximately 90 square  foot outdoor cement patio with a few paint stains and gum on the  surface), and provide me with a quote.  They were readily available and  able to sandblast soon after.  The guy was able to complete the job in a  couple hours.  There were few tiny spots of paint that remained, but  only on extremely detailed inspection.  Overall, I was satisfied with  this company's responsiveness and completion of the job.  For the price,  availability, and job done, I am satisfied.  A few words of advice (for  anyone looking to sandblast through this company):

-They take cash/check
-If you will be near the sandblasting, keep a pair of earplugs and/or earphones.  The process is very loud.
-Prepare  the area beforehand, i.e. cover as much that you don't want sand to  invade.  The guy had rinsed the area out after the sandblasting and  tried to prevent the sand from getting into our doggy door.  Still, by  nature of it being sand, it went everywhere.  I cleared out sand in  certain spots.  Afterwards I was in contact with the company who offered  to clear out the additional sand.  So, if you notice more sand that  requires clean up, best to let them know.  They can save you the time of  cleaning it up yourself."  Amy M.

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

FILTERED  Yelp Review  9-17-2013  (5) Five Star Review

"Simply the best! I needed someone to sandblast a driveway in San Bruno which had been painted over by a tenant. I got several quotes and James was right in the ball-park and was willing to be flexible with my schedule. He followed up with emails and phone conversations and showed up right on time the day of the project. The completed job was perfect and he took extra care in cleaning up before he left.     Jerry C."

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

FILTERED Yelp Review 7-31-2013  (5) Five Star Review

" I searched the web for a commercial sandblasting contractor in the South Bay area and found A South Bay Sandblasting and their website on Google and Yelp.

I lease a large concrete tilt-up commercial building in the San Jose area and needed to get the exterior walls, steel doors, and interior red bricks stripped of all the paint and crud.

To my surprise, there isn't many licensed contractor's that do mobile sandblasting as their primary business in the Silicon Valley area.

I dealt with James directly on this job. I had seen some of his past and current jobs of similar type and was pleased with his work. Those job owners spoke very highly of this company and their work.

They blasted a large sample area in the two different areas I was most concerned with and both samples looked awesome!

I was impressed with their work. The job looked tedious and difficult, but with the right equipment, this company did the work fairly quick, to my surprise.

The job was left very clean and was blasted almost dust free. The owner is pleasant and friendly to deal with and he is very professional and courteous.

I had a very good experience with this company and I will happily give them a well deserved reference anytime. Nick H"

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

FILTERED Yelp Review   10-13-2012  (5) Five Star Review

"Recently, I was in need of some blasting for prepping my large log home for a specialized sealer and cleaning. I don't do sandblasting, so I hired a professional to do the job properly. To say the least, my home is not a mere ombrifuge, but my home and sanctuary. I won't just hire some flambuginous or ninnyhammer to work on my home. I made arrangements to meet A South Bay Sandblasting in San Jose for an estimate through their website. James came out and was prompt and professional to say the least. he seemed quite capable and has MANY reference jobs, and is visceratonic, so, three days later, I hired him. He turned out to be very honest and reliable. The process he used is more technical than I've seen in the past. The work was done with a process that has virtually no dust and cleaned the entire exposed wood, bricks and concrete surfaces VERY well. The job came out quite nice and the masonry areas were certainly quite aesthetically pleasing. I had a great experience with this company and would certainly hire them again. James is a very obviously experienced person in this trade profession and is a very straight forward and honorable person, so my review will be of a encomious nature. This company certainly lives up to their claims on their website. I would certainly, unequivocally, recommend this company and will give them the highest possible rating of five stars on Yelp".  Stuart B Hillsborough, Ca

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

FILTERED Yelp Review  07-05-2012 (5) Five Star Review  

" Wonderfull Company!. This company did some great work sandblasting our wood beam ceilings and they look beautiful!. The price was reasonable and our beams and ceilings are so natural and rustic looking, we just love them!. James with A South Bay Sandblasting really knows what he's doing. This company showed up early and really showed some great knowledge in what they're doing. We were shown some samples and picked the ones we wanted. We just absolutely love their work!" Updated from July 28, 2012.

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

FILTERED Yelp Review  05-23-2012  (5) Five Star Review

" I called these guys to do four separate tasks for me. He blasted about 4 coats of paint off my patio floor, removed paint from my brickwork, removed rust from my barbecue, and striped carpet glue from my porch. He handled each one with great results. The porch was a real challenge and at first they weren't sure it could be done. He was willing to give it a try and did a great job. Very professional and good to work with. All work was completed in one day."

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

Google Review   12-18-2011  (5) Five Star Review

" RELIABLE Company! We hired this company recently from word of a contractor on our project. They came out and did some work in between other bigger jobs. James mostly works busy just from referrals and word of mouth. I can surely see why this company is very busy. Took a while to get this company out to our job, but was very much worth the wait. This company blasted a quarter mile steel wrought iron fence for our private club compound and this company is very expertise and knowledgable. Very good company to do business with. I'm sure we'll be hiring them for our 22,000 sq. ft. driveway entrance in just a while." Josh G. San Jose

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

FILTERED Yelp Review    08-22-2011  (5) Five Star Review

 " Great Guy Great Company! This company blasted some interior and exterior steel/concrete surfaces real clean. He actually did some extra work for me at no charge. I actually paid him more than he asked for. If you need sandblasting done, hire this real professional company. It is a real pleasure doing business with a company like this one."  Paul E.

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

FILTERED Yelp Review    03-09-2010  (5) Five Star Review

" We just hired this company for all our car restore needs. They do all our blasting on-site here in Redwood City and this guy really knows what he's doing. We tried another mobile guy but that guy ruined our jobs with warpage. A South Bay does not use that corrosive bicarbonate stuff. Best price and on-site work, they can't be beat!"

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

Yelp Review    07-20-2009  (5) Five Star Review

" Great Service! I just bought an old trailer that I am restoring. I needed it sandblasted to remove rust and old paint. I called and talked to James. He quoted me a very reasonable price including pick-up and delivery. Estimated time was 3 days. James picked up the trailer Saturday morning and had it back to me by Noon Sunday! Good job on the sandblasting way over achieved on the delivery timing." John C. San Jose

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose

FILTERED Yelp Review    08-03-2012  (5) Five Star Review

" I was working on a rusty 30 year old wrought iron fence for 5 weeks. First using a drill mounted wire brush and then hand sanding. After that I would use a special rust primer and then rustoleum flat black topcoat. He came out and did a 70 foot section in a couple of hours and sandblasted it so well I was able to skip all sanding and even the primer coat. Great job and it saved me several weeks of work not to mention the part he did is superior to what I was doing. Nice guy, on time, and does a great job. Bill W."

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   09-16-2010  (5) Five Star Review

" GREAT! QUALITY WORK! with a great price! We highly recommend this company for mobile sandblasting! They blasted four concrete walkways and one commercial building and was excellent throughout. This company is a regular vendor of ours now"

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   07-12-2012  (5) Five Star Review

" I hired A South Bay Sandblast recently and was impressed with the level of service and attention to detail on my commercial projects. James is conscientious and takes the time to be the best at his profession. He left our site clean and tidy and the price was very reasonable. I won't hire anyone else but him to do this type of work for me in the future."

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   05-12-2011  (5) Five Star Review

" Wow!, this company rocks, almost literally! This company blasted a concrete surface like nothing I've ever seen. These guys used a abrasive that looked like road gravel and it made a surface texture look one of a kind. Apparently, this process is unknown to anyone else. The other so-called competitors of theirs just said "what is that you want??" They said their blast equipment can't even handle anything beyond #2 sand. It really pays dividends to hire the right contractor! Thanx James @ A South Bay Sandblasting." Nicholas P K. Nick


**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   05-26-2011  (5) Five Star Review

" GREAT COMPANY! GREAT WORK!   I just hired this company to blast remove paint from my front residence in the bay area. I was very surprised how the job came out! They got it almost completely off to my surprise. I called another company in San Jose, but all he could say is that he couldn't beat A South Bay prices. Well, I'm certainly glad I called South Bay. They made my house more valuable since this is the first thing people see when they drive up. Now you can see pretty clean red bricks on the front of my home when you drive up. I could not be happier! Their price was great too!    rj5674


**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose Google Web Review   06-22-2011  (5) Five Star Review

" Real Pros! Hired this company recently for some commercial blasting. We tried other sandblasting companies in the bay area, but had too many problems with other guys. This company spent about thrity hours blasting our commercial/industrial equipment and storage tanks. This contractor James really knows this work real well!! I hired this company for a second job here recently and was not surprised the exceptional work as was done before. a reliable, no cmplaints, take charge, get the job DONE type of contractor." Josh G. Redwood City, Ca. (reviewer posted review (2) different jobs three websites).


**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   05-27-2011  (5) Five Star Review

" We met with this company last night and they came out today to blast our home. We had a old paint that was coming off and the powerwashing didn't clean it good enough. Our painting contractor said he had a guy that been doing this work for many years for him. I called this company A South Bay Sandblasting and as it turns out, they were just two miles down the road blasting another house for someone else. James gave me the address and I drove over to see it. That house looked great! I hired James right there on the spot! My home is nice and paint free now. In three days my painter will paint it to look like new! I will definitely recommend A South Bay Sandblasting. " Cindy Mecede

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   05-12-2011  (5) Five Star Review

" This company is great. James went boldly go where no man should go! We have three fuel tanks 1,400 gals. and this company blasted the inside without explosions! Their work requires some serious protection for operator safety, and James did what no other contractor was willing to do, mainly because the other guys didn't know how, and he cleaned AND welded those tanks! Very dangerous, but a skilled person with the right tricks can do it!! enter: A South Bay Sandblasting." Strauss H. and Co.

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   03-21-2007  (5) Five Star Review

" James wet sandblasted approximately 400sq. ft. of concrete. A curved concrete walkway, "patio", and stairs had been painted and we wanted clean concrete surface so we could stain it. Found A SOUTH BAY SANDBLASTING in yellow pages, left message and he returned call wihtin 24 hours. Stopped by on the way home from another job to give estimate. Recommended slightly higher priced dustless method. Reference gave A+ rating. Arrived on time, did work very well, cleaned up nicely. Very, very competent and professional." Craig Noke

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   06-30-2012  (5) Five Star Review

" Really Superb Work. I hired A South Bay for two jobs over the last while. I dealt with James and he does some really superb work! He puts a lot of attention to detail and is detail oriented with the high quality finishes he puts on all my concrete projects which require architectural finishes. My customers demand the best quality work and I won't hire anyone else for all of my sandblast work." Aron S.

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   11-24-2011  (5) Five Star Review

" Very nice work from this company. James blasted some masonry and wood beams for my company. This company came highly recommended by a neighboring company. I was very pleased with the work and with a very reasonable price as well. Thank you."

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   12-09-2011  (5) Five Star Review

" Happy with their work! A South Bay Sandblasting did some work for us today. I was very satisfied with the level of quality and the job turned out very nice. Very professional company. The price was better than reasonable."  Joe K. 

**A South Bay Sandblasting San Jose   01-06-2012  (5) Five Star Review

" This is the first time I hired a sandblaster and had a good experience with this company. I would hire them again. Gave me some good advice and knew the trade well.