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Sandblasting in San Jose

Welcome! Best Quality-Best Prices-Licensed Contractor for Sandblasting in San Jose!. 

We have owned and operated A South Bay Sandblasting in San Jose for thirty one years. We have gained and earned the trust of  hundreds of Contractors, Commercial/Industrial Businesses, and Residential Homeowners in the San Jose and greater Bay Area. 

We use modern remote controlled OSHA approved equipment and specialize in Mobile Sandblasting on concrete, steel, and wood surfaces to clean, prep, texture, and profile to engineered drawings and plans. We offer Open Dry, Wet-Injection, and Hydro-Blasting and use most types of abrasive medias as required. 

We take GREAT PRIDE in what we do and we are the best in this business. We offer better than reasonable prices on most jobs and give our clients a personalized attention to detail in every respect.  All jobs we do are guaranteed to be as specified.


Jobs We Also Specialize In The Cleaning And Stripping Phase: 

Bricks - Patios - Wood/Ceilings - Striping -  Removal

Sidewalks - Garage - Chimney's  - Handicap Emblems

Driveways - Stucco - Rocks - Curbing - Trailers - Pools - Fountains - Fireplaces